Top 5 alternative housing ideas for sustainable living

It is time that we give serious thoughts to having a sustainable environment. Some people have researched well on this matter and have come up with some amazing alternative housing ideas.

Earth houses

Earth house is a good example of sustainable construction. Some of the buildings that have lasted the longest are earthen. These houses can be made of a mix of clay or earth. You can construct cob house which is a mixture of straw and earth.

Wood houses

Wood is one of the most common and versatile building materials. Though wood can be called a sustainable material, when they are over harvested, they can exceed the ability of the forests to regenerate. So, log and timber are the best materials to use for constructing a wood house.

Straw house

These houses provide excellent insulation and are inexpensive as well. So, straw is a great material for building homes.

Bamboo houses

These houses are more eco-friendly compared to timber. They are very strong, and if they are well well-built, they can withstand earthquakes and hurricane as well.

Stone houses

Stone houses are built from rocks. They are a sustainable business material and look very good. You can have a very stylish looking house built on sustainable building materials.

This type of green construction is gaining popularity. A building turns out to be eco-friendly with the usage of structural materials. We can think of building these alternative homes to have a better environment to live in.